A Brief History

Jesus Ministries Family Worship Center, Inc. (JM) is a fully tax exempted non-profit organization founded August 10, 1989 by Bishop Larry G. Taylor, Sr., in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The ministry began in a private residence later relocating to McNicol Middle School, Hollywood, Florida, then to Hallandale High School Auditorium, Hallandale, Florida, later to The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Airport, Dania, Florida, and is currently in their multi-purpose facility, which is the first phase of their new building project in Miramar, Florida.

JM is a faith-based community multi-facet ministry, which provides over twenty-six ministries, including Youth, Family and Individual Biblical Advising, Homeless Care, Mentoring, Sports Camps, and more.

JM is a purpose driven ministry which provides a spiritual and supportive environment by promoting the health and well-being of anyone, both locally and globally.