single focus logo_2014Single Focus

Single Focus ministry seeks to provide and help meet the spiritual, social and emotional needs of the single parents, divorced, widows, widowers, and persons who have never been married before, in fulfilling their purpose in Christ Jesus.   JM Singles’ Ministry (ages 26 and up) offers biblical and sound teachings on living a saved and single life submitted to God.

Meeting Time:  Every 4th Saturday of each month at 6pm.

For more information please contact Michelle Blackshere at


the bridge logo_2014The Bridge

The Bridge Ministry is a young adult ministry where single (not married) individuals from the ages of 18-25 comes together once a month to encourage each other through biblical principles pertaining to their singleness in Christ, fun Godly fellowship, worship and praise, and group discussions that tackle current challenges they face every day.  This ministry unites and strengthens the young adults in this critical stage of their lives, transitioning from adolescence to young women and men of God who are chosen for greatness in Christ’s kingdom.

The Bridge ministry is aimed at addressing the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of the young single adults in the 18 to 25 age range.  We the ministers of the Bridge believe that all scripture is inspired by God, it is infallible, and it is inerrant (Prov. 30:5-6; 2Tim 3:15-17; 1Thess. 2:13; 2Pet. 1:20-21).  We also believe that it is our duty and privilege as the Church to be a “bridge” for the young adults in our generation.

The word bridge itself is defined as a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, or road, and  its further defined as a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions, or the like.  Likewise, the church is called to be that structure, passageway, and connecting point for young adults, so they can walk in their God created destinies.

These are some of the most impressionable years of many young adults, and we know that through the Bridge Ministry they will receive the necessary support to reach their full potential in Christ.

Meeting Time:  Every first Saturday of each month at 6 pm.

For more information please contact Michelle Blackshere at